On the Maximal Element Rationalization of Choice Functions

Debabrata Pal


This paper attempts to retain some of the results obtained by Bossert et al., (2005) in relation to maximal element rationalization of a choice function by weakening some rationality conditions invoked by the authors. Bossert et al., (2005) have established that a choice function defined over general domain is maximal element rationalizable, quasi-transitive maximal element rationalizable and acyclic maximal element rationalizable if and only if it satisfies direct exclusion-direct irreversibility existence, direct exclusion-indirect irreversibility existence and indirect exclusion-indirect irreversibility existence respectively. This paper retains the same results under full domain with a set of rationality conditions weaker than those mentioned above. This paper also provides full characterization of quasi-transitive maximal element rationalizable choice function (single valued) defined over general domain.


Rational choice, choice function, maximal element, best element, rationalizabiliry

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