Education and Health: Strategic Sequencing in Social Development

Jaya Mukherjee, Sarmila Banerjee


Education and health are considered to be two vital sectors that can play a crucial role in determining the level of social development of a region. This paper analyzes the education and health scenario (in terms of both infrastructure and attainment) in 15 major states of India by constructing suitable composite indices. An attempt has also been made to study the inter-linkages between the education and health sectors. We find a high positive correlation not only between health infrastructure and health attainment, but also between health infrastructure and educational attainment. On the other hand, we not only observe a relatively weaker association between educational infrastructure and educational attainment, the association between educational infrastructure and health attainment is also very weak. Thus, in case of the health sector, both the direct and indirect effects are stronger compared to the education sector. This seems to indicate that in improving the overall quality of life in a poor country like India, the health sector plays a more fundamental role compared to the education sector. This calls for special attention and a greater share of resources for the health sector.


social development, education and health

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